About LikeMe

LikeMe is a vape brand based in Europe, As a manufacturer and brand owner, LikeMe offers a range of equipment to meet all needs and all markets around the world, committed to providing an exceptional experience and the most effective smoking cessation devices backed with the best true to life flavor profiles.

LikeMe's Mission

To produce positive change and bring happiness to our partners and customers. Dedicated to providing safe, reliable, professional, and cutting-edge vaping products with our persistence in science and technology as well as our responsibility to society, Provide the perfect balance between ease of use, ergonomic design, and cutting-edge innovation for every user.

LikeMe's Value

Truly held at the core of each device we manufacture to ensure across our family of products the same level of experience can be found, placing flavor and the highest quality devices as our passion across the range.

Aiming to contribute a positive impact within society and a healthier vaping experience for ever-growing LikeMe users.

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